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Important! Please read before submitting.

Add to Existing Posts First

To help keep things organized, we want to add to any existing posts before starting a new one, so please search what is available first. That way, we can keep all of the tabs, etc., for the same song in the same post.

As this form only allows you to do new submissions, please contact us with the URL of the existing post and what you want to add, if needed. Thanks!

Submission Format

The Title of your submission should be the song title plus the artist or composer. For consistency’s sake, please use the format title – artist (or composer).

For example:

Ode to Joy – Ludwig van Beethoven

Using the Tab Creator

To use the super-nifty music tabs, here’s an example of how to format it (numbers are optional, but please include the major or minor key):

Major Key Happy birthday to you 1 1 2 1 4 3

And here’s what it will look like! Click on the arrows to watch it auto-transpose between notes. So cool! 🙂

Major Key
Happy birthday to you
1 1 2 1 4 3

The numbers below are optional but helpful to some people, so I encourage you to include them, if you are able.


Please fill out as much information as you can by selecting the appropriate categories. Use as many categories as appropriate. The categories are what will help us keep the tabs organized to make it easier for someone to find!


Please include at least two tags with each submission. One should be the title of the piece you are submitting, and the other should be the artist or composer. You are allowed one additional tag, if necessary.

Allowed Content

Tabs may be submitted as text, PDF files, or images. Please give credit where credit is due! Featured images are encouraged.

Registration and Approval

You must be registered and logged in to submit. All posts will be pending approval until a relationship is established (to help eliminate spammers). An email will be sent to the registered address when the post is approved.

All content submitted on this site is for educational purposes only.

DO NOT upload content from songbooks that are currently being sold. For example, do not take a picture of or scan a song sheet from Kalimba Magic and upload it. With few exceptions, uploaded content should be your own work / arrangement of existing work. 

Submissions may be deleted for spam, abuse, or copyright violations, at the discretion of the admin or as required by law.

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